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fly fishing line, and the newbie fly angler

October 7th, 2010

As the title says I’m a newbie to fly fishing, but excited about giving it a go because it look like a lot of fun and and almost an art skill. I bought a second hand 8′6″ rod and reel,6/7, action. My plan is to fish in a small lake or a river with deep and shallow spots, I need a line and whatever else I might need, I’m thinking of a floating line with maybe a sinking tip,not sure,,mostly for trout, maybe use for small bass, bluegills because the weather is still a bit warm here for practice, probley a 5, weight forward?? floating or sinking? what line, leader, tippet? leader length? total beginner to fly fishing,not sure, what will I need?


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Stripers, trout, and Beaver Lake

October 4th, 2010
I live in Rogers, and the nearest trout stream is close to prairie creek. Now it is early fall and I am probably going fly fishing there, but I also want to get stripers that are stocked in in Beaver lake above which swim around the  lake dam. I want to order a trout patterned cl8 bait Cb 5, but my bass rod might be too small. It says it can throw baits up to 3/4 oz. but the Cb 5 is 9/10 oz.. Can it still throw it OK? I’m pretty new to swimbaits, and the only one I’ve ever used was a small bluegill ( which is why I don’t get the cb-9). I’m pretty sure I’ll be the first swimbait fisherman in the lake because we never use trout swimbaits. It should completely kill the stripers, but can my rod hold it? Also how does the cb-5 work, is it good?
My rod is medium action and 7′ long.
Thanks all,

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Record setting Brown Trout

October 3rd, 2010
The White River is south of me  and where I live (MO) and I’ve read and herd there is record setting Brown Trout there. So I am going to take a trip this fall and give it a go. Here’s my questions. What type of equipment do I need? Here is the rigs that I have.
1. Fly Rod – 8′6″ with 6wt. line. I caught tons of hatchery size Rainbows on this in both rivers and lakes.
2. Spinning Rod – 5′ UL with 4lb mono. Same as above, lots of hatchery size Rainbows.
3. Spinning Rod – 6′6″ M with 8lb mono for Bass fishing. Caught hundreds of 2 and 3 lbs. Bass on this rig.

Will any of these work on 20+ pound Brown Trout?  All the pictures and information I get are about the fish and not what they were caught on. The locals claim that to catch the big Brown’s you need to night fish using scuds or midges close to the surface. During the day to jig the deep water.

Steve in MO

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I need some basic fishing tips please

October 2nd, 2010
New angler from Waldon needing some basic fishing tips please. When I was younger I went fishing a lot and catching fish now is something I’ll take more serious. As mentioned I am new to fishing again and have not spent a whole lot of money on a fishing rod and reel and just use a Wal-Mart special a shakespeare with a 6 lbs line. I have caught one fish recently but upon visiting a very popular fishing spot, I found that I was the ONLY person not catching a fish.
My boyfriend and I use basic baits 9worms but I am sure that isn’t working since I actually watched several fish pass it by once looking at it. They weren’t even interested. So anyone have any advice? I mean basic advice. I have looked online but I don’t see anything basic enough to explain what I am doing wrong. Is there a special bait to use? Is there a special way to cast? What can I do to catch Rainbow Trout?

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Rig for fishing black drum?

October 1st, 2010

Hey all, I am your typical largemouth bass and trout anglers and never fly fished in my life, but I want to widen my variety and want to get after  some blackdrums and I was wondering what sort of rod/reel combo I should go with. The area I fish does not have a lot of space to move, so it’s going to be more a tug of war type fishing, so I’d rather focus on gear strength to land them rather then a fancy rod/reel combo to fight the fish.


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Rod and reel ONLY for trout and catfish?

September 24th, 2010

I like to cook and bake rather then hunt, but here lately I have wanted to start to learn how to fish. As mentioned I am not into hunting unlike the rest of my family and why I want to ask a question here without having to go ask my family, because all I will get is a million opinions that will turn into some sort of argument.

Is it possible to buy a rod and reel ONLY for trout and catfish? Are these two species so different that you’d need to have a different fishing gear setup or is possible to merge the two?

My gear questions?

An affordable rod and reel for trout and catfish shore fishing a lake and the white river?
The basics for bait and or lures?
What time of day is best to fish?
How do I skin and gut the fish?

I appreciate your willingness and advice because I want to surprise them with the advice or education I learn by myself.

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Freshwater fishing rod and reel combo

September 23rd, 2010
Nice to see a Arkansas based trout fishing blog. Okay a newbie here looking for advice/tips on a freshwater fishing rod and reel combo for all types of fishing and not just trout fishing. Something versatile to use for lakes, rivers, ponds, etc. Anyway, I am researching for the best rod/reel combo that would work best for a beginner without breaking the bank? The rod and reel combo would be used fishing freshwater fish like grass car, trout, bluegill, crappie, catfish, and bass. Is there a combo that could fit these needs?

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